Minorities in the Caucasus - Dialogue for a Stable Future

- House of Minorities, Flensburg

In December 2016 a dialogue project will take place in the House of Minorities of FUEN in Flensburg with minorities from the Caucasus region. By westerners, the mountainous region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea is seen as a trouble area. Especially since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Caucasus with so many ethnic groups and languages does not seem to come to rest.

Also the minorities in the Caucasus region face a major challenges in finding their role in civil society. The core of the project is to create a dialogue between different groups.

The objective of the project is to invite 15 representatives of minority organisations from the Caucasus region from Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan for a three-day seminar in the German-Danish border region to have the chance to hold moderated discussions together. During these debates the experiences of Schleswig-Holstein with political and social participation of minorities will be presented to the participants from the Caucasus region. 

A secondary objective is to raise awareness for the multifaceted nature and complexity, and the linguistic and cultural diversity in the Caucasus. 

Temel Konular

  • Siyasi Katılım
  • Temel Haklar
  • Dilsel Çeşitlilik
  • Roman Azınlığı ile Dayanışma
  • Avrupa Vatandaşları Girişimi
  • Örgütlenme Ağı
  • Avrupa Azınlıklar Forumu / Azınlıklar Evi


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