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Stari trg 11a • SI-1000 Ljubljana
+386 (0) 64 277 626
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Christian Lautischer Chairman

The Umbrella organisation of Cultural Associations of the German-speaking Community in Slovenia is an organisation of ethnic German cultural associations in which citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, as loyal citizens, actively strive to preserve the language and culture of their own traditional autochthonous German-speaking communities in the Republic of Slovenia, both on the level of dialects and folk culture and on the level of educated communication, and in active coexistence with the majority population contribute their part to the cultural richness and diversity of their homeland Slovenia, but also to the strengthening of the European spirit and of European connections, especially with states and autonomous countries with the German language as an official language.

The organisation is a voluntary association through which the members testify to their belonging to the German-speaking community in Slovenia and to the reciprocity in the expression of their ethnic and cultural affiliation, represent the German-speaking ethnic group to the outside world, but also exchange experiences and materials with each other, support each other, advise each other, give each other moral support, and jointly organise or participate in various cultural events and language trainings as needed.

The Umbrella Organisation of Cultural Associations of the German-speaking Community in Slovenia is a member of FUEN since 2017. From 1993 to 2017, the German minority in Slovenia was represented in FUEN by the organisation Gottscheer Altsiedler Verein.


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