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c/o Malte Lewan, Margaretavägen 5C • S-222 40 Lund
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Malte Lewan Chairman

Siftelsen Skånsk Framtid was founded by Göran Hansson and Ph.D. Peter Broberg in 1989. The SSF is a member of FUEN since 1991.

Scania (Skåneland) is situated on the southern part of the Scandinavian peninsula. Its area covers about 21,000 sq. kilometres. The historic Scania consists of four provinces - Skåne, Halland, Blekinge (today part of Sweden) and the Island of Bornholm (today part of Denmark). The present day population of Scania is about 1.5 millions. Neither the Territory of Scania nor the Scanians have any legal status in the State of Sweden. The Scanian language is not recognised by the State and is not subjected to sufficient legal protection.


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