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ul. Jagielly 2 • PL-38-300 Gorlice
+48 18 353 29 06
Trochanowski Grzegorz Chairman
Zjednoczenie Łemków (Lemko Association) was registered on 30 March 1990 in Gorlice, covering the whole of Poland.
According to the Statutes, the objectives of the Lemkos' Association are:
  • to promote, popularize and develop education, culture, art and language;
  • to address the state authorities and institutions with demands concerning social and living needs important for the Lemko community living in the Republic of Poland;
  • representing collective and individual interests of the Lemko community in relations with the authorities of the Republic of Poland, local government bodies, public administration and representatives of all countries, in particular the European Union and Ukraine, as well as with social and economic organizations of the Republic of Poland, countries as above;
  • supporting the strategic partnership between Poland and Ukraine;
  • annual celebration of the Lemko Watra.

The achievement of the objectives shall be achieved by:

  • organising cultural meetings, such as: performances of artistic groups, literary evenings, theatre performances, social meetings and dance parties;
  • organising educational courses, scientific and methodological conferences and discussion meetings;
  • inspiring minority language learning in schools in the areas where Lemkos live;
  • organisation of libraries, clubs, common rooms and reading rooms;
  • running of amateur artistic groups and interest groups;
  • publishing occasional magazines, periodicals, advertising and repertoire materials, literary and journalistic publications, popular science and scientific studies, folders;
  • conducting business activities in order to obtain funds for statutory activities;
  • organising youth holiday camps and tourist rallies.

The Lemko Association is a member of FUEN since 1996.


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