Дома европейских меньшинств

The project of the European umbrella organisation FUEN and its partners Bund deutscher Nordschleswiger and Sydslesvigsk Forening aims at establishing Flensburg and the German-Danish border region as the first place to go in relation to minority issues. 

Within the framework of the INTERREG-project “House of Minorities” the partners try to position the German-Danish border region as an exemplary min0rity region. A region that has grown based on the historical traditions of the German-Danish border land and based on cross-border cooperation. 

A “light house” shall be developed – in the form of a Centre of Information and Documentation: the “House of Minorities”. It shall be complemented by accompanying measures, such as a think tank, an action plan and a symposium. 

The House of Minorities shall be the contact point for questions and information about the minorities in the German-Danish region and in Europe. It is very important to find high acceptance and to be well anchored in the population, in the town of Flensburg and in the cross-border region. The House of Minorities will have its premises at Norderstraße 78 in Flensburg. 

The aim of the project is furthermore to use the existing expertise of the minorities in the German-Danish region and their European commitment for achieving a trendsetting development of locational factors and for marketing the whole German-Danish region.  



Главные темы

  • политической жизни
  • Основные права
  • языковое разнообразие
  • Солидарность с рома/цыганами
  • Европейская гражданская инициатива
  • Eвропейская сеть
  • Форума европейских меньшинств / Дома европейских меньшинств


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