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The Minister-President of Schleswig-Holstein advocates for the Minority SafePack to Ursula von der Leyen

In a letter sent on 29 December 2020 to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen,  the Minister-President of the State Schleswig-Holstein Daniel Günther advocates for the proposals of the Minority SafePack Initiative. The Minister-President recalls that the MSPI was supported from the very beginning by Schleswig-Holstein, adding that the campaign coordinated by FUEN has collected 1.2 million signatures, had a positive hearing in the European Parliament on 15 October and was unanimously supported by the Bundestag on 27 November.

Mr. Günther considers that for the 60 million Europeans who belong to a national minority or speak a regional language it would be of utmost importance  that their concerns were heard and their rights were enshrined in the legal framework of the European Union in order to have their identity, language and culture protected and promoted.

In his letter, the Minister-President advocates to the Commission president that „the positive signals from the October hearing on the MSPI proposals should also be taken into account in the Commission's decision-making process. I would be grateful if you would reinforce these positive assessments for the review in the directorates” – writes Mr. Günther.

The European Commisionwill communicate its position on the European Citizens' Initiative "Minority SafePack" on 15 January 2021 the latest. 

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