Minority SafePack: threshold reached in 7 countries, 100 000 signatures still needed

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With 15 days to go the Minority SafePack Initiative looks stronger than ever: over 900 000 statements of support have already been collected and in the last one week we saw four more countries pass the national threshold.

"Last weeks more and more leaders and representatives of different autochthonous minorities from all over Europe stated their support for the cause and engaged in a  strong final effort for the MSPI. They are convinced that every single signature shows the power of their community in Europe. Your signature helps the whole community and proves that you know what you want: the protection of your culture and language. The European Union has to do more to support minority cultures and languages, because we are part of Europe’s rich cultural and linguistic heritage” – said Loránt Vincze, President of FUEN.

Latvia, Spain, Croatia and Denmark joined Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, states in which the national threshold has been reached. Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland and Slovenia also have good chances of reaching the threshold as the initiative reaches the finish line. In the last days new and strong commitments came from Lithuania and Sweden. Hungary made another strong statement  last week and  today it has secured over 400 000 signatures. A counter has been enabled on the minority-safepack.eu website for all the signatures made online and on paper, and it updates daily.

“As we are getting closer to the finish line, we are getting closer to success as well. I encourage all European ethnic communities to make a last and strong effort. Every signature is needed to change the EU into a better place for our autochthonous cultures and languages, in these last days a few thousand signatures can make the difference. We are glad to see that people from all over Europe understood this message and want to join in our European movement for minority rights. Every signature empowers the community, and we need powerful communities to achieve our goals” – said Loránt Vincze.

The European Citizens’ Initiative asking for EU protection and support for the language and culture of autochthonous national minorities and language groups coordinated by FUEN needs to have  at least one million signatures and pass the national threshold in 7 Member States before the 3rd of April 2018 in order to succeed.

Key Topics

  • Political Participation
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Linguistic Diversity
  • Solidarity with the Roma
  • European Citizens' Initiative
  • European Network
  • Forum of the European Minorities / House of Minorities


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