Hungarian parties and Hungarian communities in different countries unanimously support the MSPI

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The Hungarian Permanent Conference (MÁÉRT), a forum for organisations representing the interests of Hungarian communities in different countries, unanimously adopted a closing statement during its last session in November in support of the Minority SafePack Initiative. Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary Semjén Zsolt was the first of many present to sign the petition campaign for the Minority SafePack Initiative.

FUEN President Vincze Lóránt presented the initiative during the event saying: “Several Member States are not complying with their duties to protect the rights of national minorities, placing the language and culture of these communities in danger. Minorities want to be part of the change in the EU; we want to take part in shaping the future of the Europe. We wish for a future where autochthonous national minorities are not second class citizens but members of society enjoying full rights, and where official state languages and minority and regional languages can coexist”.

The President of the minority protection umbrella organisation then added: “Minorities want a chance for the preservation of their linguistic and cultural identity and the Minority SafePack Initiative is the right legislative instrument for doing so. With this initiative we set out on a journey, and many have joined us in this endeavour. We have not yet reached our destination, as we need to gather 1 million signatures for this petition. But we are more and more hopeful and determined each day when we see minority communities as well as Member States joining us, one by one, in an effort to gain European level protection for the rights of national minority communities” – said Vincze Lórant thanking Hungary and the organisations of Hungarians living outside the borders of the country for their support and for believing in the initiative. 



Key Topics

  • Political Participation
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Linguistic Diversity
  • Solidarity with the Roma
  • European Citizens' Initiative
  • European Network
  • Forum of the European Minorities / House of Minorities


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