The “INTERREG 4A South Denmark-Schleswig-K.E.R.N. program” supports the Lisbon-process and the Gothenburg objectives which aim at making the EU the most competitive, dynamic and knowledge based economy, and at the same time guarantees economic, social and environmental sustainability.

“INTERREG 4A South Denmark-Schleswig-K.E.R.N.” will build upon the existing, well functioning network and collaborations. At the same time the program will through concrete activity contribute to continue and further develop integration between regions on both sides of the border. In this context it is important to make the most of the range of opportunities within all areas of society.

 “INTERREG 4A South Denmark-Schleswig-K.E.R.N.” will strengthen the focus on innovation, technology, commercial collaboration, sustainability and human resources. Therefore it is natural that the INTERREG 4A program co-functions with the national, regional and local strategies of sustainable growth and to the extent possible, guarantees a connection and synergy between the different activities.




Points importants

  • Participations politiques
  • Droits fondamentaux
  • Diversité linguistique
  • Solidarité avec les Roms
  • L’Initiative citoyenne européenne
  • Réseau internet européen
  • Forum européen des communautés, minorités et nationalités / Maison des minorités et nationalités européennes


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