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Stefaunou Dragoumi 11 • GR-53100 Lerin-Florina
+30 2385046548
Anastasiadis Stavros Chairman

Political Party of the Macedonian minority in Greece
Member of the European Free Alliance EFA INTRODUCTION TO THE RAINBOW PARTY On September 8th, 1995, the members of the ethnic Macedonian political party in Greece, the RAINBOW PARTY, opened an office in the city of Florina. On 19th January 1997 the Second Conference of the "RAINBOW" party was held in Florina. The Conference was attended by 76 delegates of all local units. At that time it adopted a Political Manifesto and Organizational Principles, in addition to electing a Central Council comprised of 19 members. Out of the 76 participant delegates, only Mr. Traianos Pasois and Mr. Hristos Pritskas, disagreed with the national-political character of the organization, the decisions made by the majority, and withdrew from the Conference. The Central Council held its first session in Edessa (Voden) on the January 26th, 1997, and elected a five-member Political Secretariat, an Economic Commission, an Editors' Council, etc. It was decided to publish the follow-up materials (conclusions) of the Second Conference in the next edition of the Newsletter. The letter will be available in Macedonian and Greek. Also the Central Council unanimously decided to exclude the above mentioned members on the grounds of their actions which were contrary to the Organization's Principles and the party's Political Manifesto. In its Political Manifesto "RAINBOW" has aired its wish to cooperate with all democratic and anti-nationalist forces in the country in its struggle for peace and European integration. To this purpose - attributing great significance to minority issues and the developing of political democracy in the country - "RAINBOW" will Launch initiatives to establish cooperation on basis of a joint political platform with all democratic forces. The Central Council would like to express its gratitude, on behalf of all members and supporters of "RAINBOW" to all Macedonians who have aided our efforts materially and morally thus contributing to the achievement of our objective as an organization.


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