Union Fédéraliste des Communautés Ethniques Européennes
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PhDr, Andrej Dan Bárdoš, PhD Chairman
The Association of Slovaks in the Czech Republic was founded in 1992. With the aim to meet the cultural and social needs of the Slovak minority and to strengthen and develop the national consciousness, the association carries out numerous activities. Maintaining good relations between the majority and minority by promoting mutuality of Slovaks and Czechs, participation in public life in the Czech Republic and mutual cooperation and support is also part of the work of the association. The Association of Slovaks in the Czech Republic is a member of FUEN since 1999.
The Slovaks in the Czech Republic became a national minority overnight with the peaceful division of Czechoslovakia on 1 January 1993. Larger parts of the Slovak citizens live in Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Karviná, Tábor, Kladno and West Bohemia. The Slovak minority amounts to about 184,000 members, of which around 100,000 have a Slovak passport. The Citizenship Act of 1999 allows dual citizenship for members of the Slovak minority.


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