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Petőfi Sándor 78. • HR-31327 Bilje/Bellye
+385 31 275 134
Robert Jánkovics Chairman

The Democratic Union of Hungarians in Croatia is the umbrella organisation of the Hungarian minority in Croatia. With approximately 40 branches all over Croatia, counts more than 2500 (only a guess ) members and also the publisher of the weekly newspaper "Új Magyar Képes Újság" (circulation 1500).

Hungarian minority in Croatia

Minority members: 14000

The Hungarian minority in Croatia exists since June 4th 1920. Current number of the people belonging to the minority is about 14000 from total population of 4,2 million in Croatia. The Hungarian minority has kindergartens, schools, libraries, but for these goods they need to fight day to day because of the assimilation.


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