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The first online meeting of AGDM focused on the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic

The health situation, current activities and challenges in the project work of member organizations of the German Working Group (AGDM) in FUEN in times of Corona, as well as future plans and many other topics were on the agenda of the first AGDM online meeting on May 20-21, 2020. At the invitation of AGDM spokesman Bernard Gaida and the AGDM coordinator Renata Trischler the representatives of AGDM member organizations from Poland, Slovakia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Romania, Russian Federation, Lithuania, Latvia and Croatia took part in the online meeting on 20 May. Representatives of AGDM member organizations from Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia took part in the meeting on May 21, 2020. The AGDM member organization from Estonia also participated with a written report.

After the greeting words from AGDM spokesman Bernard Gaida, the representatives of the AGDM member organizations reported about the current situation with the corona pandemic, about the project work in times when any personal encounter is impossible, about the ideas and further development of the work but also about the problems and challenges.
Fortunately, all organizations reported that most of their members remained healthy during the Corona outbreak. From the middle of March, all member organizations were forced to change their activities, to consider new formats for the projects and to forego personal contact with the members. Unfortunately, many major events were completely canceled. FUEN will publish in-depth reports on the situation of each minority in the following weeks in the series entitiled DO You Speak Corona?

Patrik Lompart, Youth Coordinator of AGDM briefly reported on the youth work within the AGDM and mentioned the successfully held Skype conference of the youth representatives, which also mainly dealt with the corona pandemic and the promotions in their work. A new Skype conference is already planned.  Youth work in organizations of German minorities across Europe in particular suffers greatly from the corona pandemic and a large number of cross-border projects cannot take place in various countries due to the measures in this regard. The youth representatives still hope that by the end of the year  they would be able to hold the youth conference canceled in May.

The organizations which took pert in the AGDM online meetinf expressed their wish to carry out such exchange opportunities in online format more often.