The FUEN Congress 2018 is ready to begin in Leeuwarden/Ljouwert

- Communiqués de presse

The Federal Union of European Nationalities’ 63rd Annual Congress is ready to begin in Leeuwarden/Ljouwert, the Netherlands. The registration point is already set up in the hall of the WestCord WTC Hotel Leeuwarden, and delegates and guests have already started to arrive.

Europe’s largest umbrella organisation for national minorities and linguistic groups and its West Frisian member organisation, Ried fan de Fryske Beweging have prepared an unforgettable event in the European Capital of Culture 2018 between 20-24 June 2018. A colourful agenda, great cultural moments and meetings with the local community are waiting for the more than 200 participants coming from all parts of Europe, representing the 98 FUEN member organisations from 33 countries.

The Congress will start on Wednesday evening with the traditional Minority Market and the presentation of Fryslân by means of film, cultural performances, gastronomy and entrepreneurs.



Points importants

  • Participations politiques
  • Droits fondamentaux
  • Diversité linguistique
  • Solidarité avec les Roms
  • L’Initiative citoyenne européenne
  • Réseau internet européen
  • Forum européen des communautés, minorités et nationalités / Maison des minorités et nationalités européennes


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