Invitation for participation: Call for new songs at the Liet International 2017

- Communiqués de presse

Liet International was invented and developed in 2002 to give modern bands who sing in a minority language a stage. Since 2006, the festival travels around Europe and since 2008, under the patronage of the Council of Europe. 

Liet International 2017 will be part of the biggest Sámi festival of the north of Europe, the Sami Easter festival and the Sámi Grand Prix. It will take place on 13 April 2017 in the town of Kautokeino in the north of Norway.

FUEN invites musicians to participate in this unique festival and supports the call for new songs which is officially open now.  Until Monday 30 January 2017 musicians from all over Europe, performing in a regional or minority language can apply for Liet International 2017. They can find further information on the website of Liet International:

The song festival for regional and minority languages Liet International will be part of the festivities taking place in Kautokeino every year around Easter. The Sámi Grand Prix will take place on Saturday 15 April, on the eve of Easter. And during the week prior to the Easter weekend several other activities are taking place, with many other concerts, including concerts with the typical Sámi joik-way of singing, reindeer racing and lassoing, with each year about 5,000 visitors.

Points importants

  • Participations politiques
  • Droits fondamentaux
  • Diversité linguistique
  • Solidarité avec les Roms
  • L’Initiative citoyenne européenne
  • Réseau internet européen
  • Forum européen des communautés, minorités et nationalités / Maison des minorités et nationalités européennes


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