FUEN Congress 2019: focus on Ukraine

- Communiqués de presse

Ukraine is a vast land marked by variety, diversity, but also by many problems their nationalities have to face. After having to change the original plan of having the 70 year anniversary congress in Ukraine due to security concerns, a panel on the situation of minorities in the Ukraine was organized on the second day of the FUEN congress, moderated by FUEN vice president Gösta Toft.

Dr. László Brenzovics, Chairman of the Cultural Association of Hungarians in Subcarpathia, Elvin Kadyrov, Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People; Aleksandra Protsenko-Pichadzhi, Chairwoman of the Federation of Greek Communities of Ukraine; Anatoliy Fetesku, Chairman of the Cultural Association of the Moldavians in Ukraine; Yevhen Zhupan, Chairman of the Society of the Carpatho-Ruthenians and Dr. Zora Popova, Ukraine Expert at ECMI talked about these problems from living in a conflict zone to not being recognized, not being able to enter their own homeland, or having to suffer the consequences of the infamous education law and the recently adopted language law.

Points importants

  • Participations politiques
  • Droits fondamentaux
  • Diversité linguistique
  • Solidarité avec les Roms
  • L’Initiative citoyenne européenne
  • Réseau internet européen
  • Forum européen des communautés, minorités et nationalités / Maison des minorités et nationalités européennes


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