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Pärnu mnt. 6/Urla Maja • EE-10148 Tallinn
+372 55 26 115
Erika Weber Chairwoman

Eestimaa Sakslaste Selts - Union of Germans in Estonia

In January 1989 the "Academic Society for German Culture" was founded. About 50 experts from several scientific faculties belong to this society. The aim of its activities is to acknowledge the role and cultural achievements of the Baltic Germans in Estonia.

In December 1989 the "Society for German Culture" was founded, which at that time united 6 local associations. Two years later the society was renamed "Association of Germans in Estonia" and had about 850 members from Tartu, Tallinn, Narwa, Kohtla-Järve, Pärnu and the surrounding counties.

"Verein der Deutschen in Estland" is an umbrella organisation for all Germans living in Estonia, but the vast majority are Russian Germans who came to Estonia from different areas of the former SU.

This organization works only on a cultural/social level. It does not work on the political level, because the main focus is on the restoration of culture and not on the governmental level.

The Association of Germans in Estonia is a member of FUEN since 1998.

German minority in Estonia

The exact number of ethnic Germans in Estonia is 1550, and together with other ethnic groups the percentage is 4.9.