Federal Union of European Nationalities
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Glavna ulica – Fő utca 124 • SI-9220 Lendava - Lendva
+386 25751449
Ferenc Horváth President
The Hungarian Self-Governing Ethnic Community of Pomurje is the umbrella organisation of the Hungarian minority in Slovenia, founded in 1975. The Community consists of municipal self-governing ethnic communities (through its members). The Community is the main partner, which communicates with the state authorities in the exercising and implementation of the rights of the members of Hungarian nationality.
The main goal and task of the Community is the preservation of the Hungarian minority in Slovenia, its mother language and national awareness, the implementation of specific rights guaranteed by the Constitution and laws, and promoting their needs and interests. The highest body of the Community is the Council, which consists of 21 members.
The Community implements its goals and tasks by organising cultural, informative and economic activities essential for the development of the national communities, establishing organisations and public institutions, as well as following and promoting the development of the education and schooling of the members of the national communities, only to name few examples. The Community is a member of FUEN since 2016.