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The Hungarian Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution in support of the Minority SafePack Initiative

The Hungarian Parliament unanimously salutes the Minority SafePack European Citizens' Initiative in a resolution adopted on Tuesday, October 31st. The proposal drafted by the Citizens' Committee of the Federal Union of European Nationalities and submitted to the European Commission aims for a European level legislative framework intended to protect autochthonous national and linguistic minorities in Europe, and the cultural diversity of the European Union.

The Hungarian Parliament regards the existence of autochthonous national minorities, as well as their specific linguistic and cultural heritage as a fundamental value worthy of protection – shows the resolution.  Furthermore, the document expresses hope that once the petition campaign is completed in accordance with the requirements, the European Commission will contribute to the success of the initiative.  

FUEN President Vincze Loránt and Kelemen Hunor, President of the minority protection organisation representing the largest minority community in Europe, the Hungarians in Romania have saluted the decision of the Hungarian Parliament. „The Minority SafePack Initiative is a project for solidarity, and today, Hungary has again shown solidarity with Hungarians living as a minority in other Member States. The initiative has answers for the concerns of all ethnic communities living in Hungary, and still, all parliamentary parties in the country voted in support of it. Europe would be a better place for it, if we could see more states where minority and majority communities rally together behind minority issues” – stated FUEN President Vincze Loránt adding: “It has become abundantly clear that the Minority SafePack Initiative will determine the course of minority protection in Europe for decades to come. Minorities in Europe have themselves drafted a legislative solution to address their specific issues, and are confident that with a common effort and the support of at least a fraction of the majority communities they can achieve fruition for their endeavour.”

President Kelemen Hunor pointed out: „The resolution adopted on Tuesday conveys the message, that the Hungarian state and the political parties in Hungary regard the Minority SafePack Initiative and the protection of the rights of all Hungarians in Europe regardless of where they live to be a strategic issue worthy of cross-party cooperation.” He reminded: from the very beginning, Hungary proved to be a partner of the Citizen’s Committee, and the decision the Parliament made today further strengthens this support.

Minority issues are resolved differently in the different parts of Europe – stated Kelemen Hunor – adding that while some Member States have addressed this issue in a commendable manner, and they can be regarded as examples of good practices, in the formerly communist Eastern Europe matters are far from being ideal.  In the opinion of President Kelemen Hunor, a changing Europe is a chance to point out that minority issues need to be dealt with on an EU level.