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The AGDM exhibition 'IN TWO WORLDS' can be visited digitally!

"In two worlds - 25 German stories. German minorities introduce themselves",  the exhibition of the AGDM, the Working Group of German Minorities in FUEN can be visited now online at https://in2welten-agdm.fuen.org/.

The exhibition was developed by the AGDM about three years ago. The subsequent tour took it to 25 stops in 17 countries in Europe and Central Asia, from Berlin to Denmark and from the Baltic States to Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, thus covering thousands and thousands of kilometers. Many thousands of visitors saw the exhibition in all corners of Europe and Central Asia and were able to experience and learn about the diversity of the German minorities in 25 countries at first hand.

The planned continuation of the exhibition tour was made difficult by the restrictions imposed in many countries from March 2020 in the wake of the Corona pandemic and postponed indefinitely. For this reason, the AGDM decided to switch to digital channels. A grant from the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs, based on a resolution of the German Bundestag, made this possible.

The exhibition presents the similarities, but also the differences of the German minorities from 25 countries and deals with important identity-forming themes. The origin and traditions, the past, present and the lively associations of the minorities are impressively presented.

The production and design of the online exhibition "In Two Worlds" was undertaken by Studio It's About from Berlin.