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Do You Speak Corona? An almanach about the work of the Aromanian community in Serbia was published during lockdown

The Aromanian minority community of Serbia is coping with the COVID situation the same as everyone else: there was a shutdown so people worked from home, or many retired members of the community couldn't go outside at all – the representative of the Serbian-Aromanian Association “Lunjina”, Ljiljana Buza informed FUEN.

According to her, luckily mostly everyone had a member of family who could help with buying groceries or getting the meds from the pharmacy when needed.

“We couldn't have our weekly meetings, hopefully we'll be able to get back to normal soon. We communicated and still do with all the members over skype or phone” – she said.

As we have seen elsewhere, too, the lockdown period proved to be beneficial for some projects. The association used this time to prepare an almanach about the five years work of the society, and also have applied for the grant to print, translate and publish the book of Aromanian proverbs and sayings.

During March-June 2020 FUEN has conducted a survey entitled Do You Speak Corona? on the situation of European minorities during the pandemic. The online questionnaire focused on the availability of information related to COVID-19 in general, healthcare information related to the outbreak, the existence of an emergency hotline operated in minority language and the availability of online education in minority language. The short report on the results is here and you can download the whole report in PDF format by clicking here.

This series of case studies is the continuation of the Do You Speak Corona? project.