Visit from Hungary at FUEN

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A delegation of the German Local Government of the 13th district in Budapest, Hungary visited FUEN during their study trip through the Danish-German border region last Wednesday, 8 August 2018.
The delegates were informed about FUEN and its commitment to the autochthonous national minorities in Europe. Afterwards Maria Wolfart, Katalin Mayer and Éva Tüttő talked about their work and the situation of the German community in Hungary.

Ms Wolfart was delighted to report that the German community has Emmerich Ritter as a member of the Hungarian Parliament representing its interests since the last election.
Education plays a special role in their work. In addition to the acquisition of German at school, the German Local Government is also concerned with teaching the German language through educational opportunities outside school. Ms Wolfart currently sees problems in higher education, where the issue of minorities would still be insufficiently covered.

The delegation of the German Local Government is particularly proud of the educational trail project. Plaques set up in various regions recall certain places, people, professions and traditions that have a connection to the German community in Hungary. On 18 August, the fifth educational trail will be opened in Nadasch.


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