FUEN has established its checkstones for the upcoming European elections

- Pressemeddelelser

The Federal Union of European Nationalities invites political parties and their candidates in the European elections to find solutions to the concerns of autochthonous European minorities at the European level and draw attention to their situation.

The umbrella organisation of autochthonous European national minorities and language groups has prepared a document together with its European Dialogue Forum, presented and adopted at the Presidium meeting on 5 April 2019 in Berlin. The document is going to be sent to parties and candidates running in the European elections in May 2019.

The Electoral Checkstones of FUEN is of major importance in the upcoming European elections, as it gives the chance for candidates to secure the support of national minorities and language groups in their states. The document presents the main objectives of the FUEN: the Minority SafePack Initiative, the political representation of minorities in the EU and the Pact between minority and majority and asks the candidates if they are willing to actively support these issues. The answers from the candidates will be forwarded to FUEN’s member organisations and to the national minorites in the respective countries, who will support the candidates that best represent their concerns in the European Parliament.


See the whole document below.



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  • Grundlæggende rettigheder
  • Sproglig mangfoldighed
  • Solidaritet med romaerne
  • Det europæiske borgerinitiativ
  • Europæisk netværk
  • Forum for europæiske mindretal / Mindretallernes hus


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