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Slokas ielas 37 • LV-1048 Riga
+371 29297823
[email protected]
Ilze Garda Chairwoman

The Association of Germans in Latvia (Latvijas Vācu Savienība) is the umbrella organisation of the German minority organisations in Latvia. The mission of the Association of Germans in Latvia is to preserve the identity of Latvia's national minorities by fostering German culture and tradition in Latvia, to strengthen the mutual relations between Latvia and Germany. The Association of Germans in Latvia acts as a voluntary board and consists of the leaders of German cultural associations, chairmen of the board, their deputies, co-chairmen. The board is supported by members of the association as well as by experts (press, German advisors, cultural managers, cultural assistants). The basic values of the association are the German language and culture. The Association of Germans in Latvia is a member of FUEN since 2009.


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